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 Allot is the leading provider of DPI solutions (Deep Packet Inspection), as well as security and monetization solutions designed to protect and personalize your daily work with your network. Allot solutions are based on a highly scalable service provisioning framework, which greatly expands the ability to analyze traffic in your network. Thanks to this, you can get closer to your customers, protect them from online threats and shorten the payback time of additional services.


 Allot combines technological innovation, an understanding of the intricacies of industry-specific technologies and a collaborative approach to offer you the solution that best suits your network environment and the challenges of your business. Allot products and solutions rely on the organization of global support and professional services of an expert level, so that our customers get real benefits and tangible results.

 Allot products and solutions

 Allot DPI devices - a modern solution to the problems of quality, security and speed of delivery of network services.


 Analyzing and monitoring DPI traffic, DPI devices perform traffic analysis and control in three main ways:


  •  Recognition of applications / protocols / virus attacks on the basis of updatable signature databases, which are automatically provided by vendors-manufacturers of dpi-devices.

  •  By using statistical policies and rules

  •  Analysis of the activity and behavior of hosts on the network. For example, if there are multiple attempts to connect to different ports on the same host from an IP address, this is most likely the work of the port scanner, but if a lot of connection attempts are made on different hosts, but on one port, then it is supposedly a virus or a worm.

 Due to this "behavioral" analysis, DPI devices can recognize new VoIP protocols, P2P, etc., even before the corresponding signature is output.

 For the application of DPI-technology, there are two main solutions - integrated and stand-alone devices. Despite the growing popularity of integrated DPI solutions, they can not provide the full range of services available to stand-alone devices. The most significant feature of such an independent DPI is the analysis of traffic due to the collection of statistics with distribution to different types, regions, applications and tariff plans of different subscribers.


The companies producing independent DPI devices prefer to use different behavioral models of the corresponding protocols, and as a consequence, the accuracy of the analysis is also different.


 Allot is one of the leading developers and manufacturers in the stand-alone DPI solutions market, offers its customers models of DPI devices in the broadest price range, depending on the class and performance, which can range from hundreds of Mbit / s to 160 Gb / s FDX. The enterprise segment of solutions implies connections at low speed via copper interfaces such as 10/100/100, while carrier-grade solutions are designed to connect a large number of 1GE and 10GE links.


Corporate solutions


Allow service providers and enterprises to receive and analyze information about their networks in real time, which helps to increase the efficiency of resource use.


Advantages and features of corporate solutions:

  1. Guaranteed performance protection of business applications sensitive to time (CRM, ERP, SAP / Oracle, Citrix, VoIP, VPN, Video Streaming, etc.)

  2. Limitation of bandwidth for HTTP, FTP, P2P applications.

  3. Maximizing the business use of network resources and protecting investments in existing network infrastructure

  4. Protection against uneven use of traffic by users (fewer users can not use more bandwidth).

  5. Monitoring applications (which applications use most of the resources)

  6. Monitoring the use of applications by users.

 Operator solutions

 Provide significant savings for providers on the cost of the Internet, in turn, the providers themselves can provide consumers with quality-of-service (QoS) services and increase the number of their subscribers without having to expand their own infrastructure.


Advantages and features of carrier solutions:

  1. ​Traffic management based on distinctions

  2. The main page is not loaded by the management port

  3. Formation and classification of traffic

  4. Long term storage of statistical data and traffic management in real time.

  5. High performance - from 2 to 20Gbps, serving up to 20 million simultaneous IP streams.

  6. Convenient display and front control LCD panel, a set of keys for easy start and operation in real time

Security and monetization solutions.

 Monetization Solutions Allot's use of the network, relating to security and monetization include a growing range of services for "digital lifestyle" based on a scalable framework of services that can be easily integrated into any network environment. We focus primarily on the intelligence services of, their security and personalization that helps you monetize the use of the network by attracting targeted customers and providing additional services, expanding digital capabilities of each klienta.


 Scalable framework for providing services

 In traditional networks, the Allot Service Gateway embedded platforms provide a single point of integration for the deployment of various services, from visibility, control and security, to customer acquisition and monetization. In environments with virtualization of network functions (NFV), the same functions are performed by the Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition. It is a virtualized service delivery framework for efficient deployment, integration and interoperability of virtualized network functions

 High-performance service delivery platforms

 Allot Service Gateway platforms provide flexible deployment and efficient delivery of services for a "digital lifestyle" based on both traditional and virtual network infrastructure. With 100GE and 10GE connections, and bandwidth that reaches terabit per second, these carrier-class platforms allow you to meet the growing demand for secure, individual and affordable Internet services. Allot offers a growing line of pre-integrated services, as well as managing traffic to virtual services in the cloud in real time. Allot NetEnforcer platforms, with a speed of 20 Mbit / s to 16 Gb / s, are designed specifically to provide visibility, control and integration of services, which is necessary to maintain application performance and user experience in corporate, cloud and carrier networks.

 Unified management 

  Allot NetXplorer is a scalable management system for Allot platforms, which is the central point of coordination for network-wide configuration, policy management and traffic monitoring.
  NetXplorer Reporter provides real-time reports with a 30-second accuracy for quick troubleshooting and resolving client requests.
  NetPolicy Provisioner provides a self-management interface for your VPN clients and managed services.

 Analysis of work

 Intelligent information about the operation of the network Allot is the leader in the field of transparency and traffic analysis. Our systems help you to obtain the most detailed data on the use of your network. Based on them, you can make business decisions that create new opportunities to attract customers and monetize services. Using a set of decisions on Streaming Data Records to Smart Data Source, our specialists in the field of data analysis and processing saves your time and money by selecting from the extracted data are the ones that are needed for your application, business intelligence systems, big data or regulatory project .

 Informative Network Analytics

  The Allot ClearSee Network Analytics solution turns network usage information into business intelligence information and prepares it for your organization's executives. Allot provides you with a rich selection of ready metrics and dashboards and in addition to them the same powerful tools that our data analysis and analysis specialists use to prepare deeper analytical conclusions.

 Security. User Protection

 Allot products, such as WebSafe Personal, WebSafe Business and WebSafe Enterprise, provide protection for your customers in the "security-as-a-service" model based on your cloud network.

 Allot integrates anti-malware protection, parental controls, URL filtering, email protection, ad blocking and application control in a scalable, multi-user platform that simplifies the deployment of services and shortens the payback period.

 Protect your network infrastructure Allot ServiceProtector and SpamOut Protector applications identify and surgically accurately neutralize external and internal cyber threats, including DDoS attacks and zero-day attacks, IP scans and spam bots, before they can disrupt service availability and business continuity.

 At the same time, the Allot ContentProtector application blocks access to prohibited and illegal content, ensuring full compatibility with regulator requirements without any loss to network performance.


  The Allot Subscriber Management Platform (SMP) platform uses standard 3GPP interfaces to flexibly prepare for the deployment, management, and charging of additional services. This is the key factor that determines the uniqueness of your proposal and the maximum revenue growth. Applications Allot TierManager, QuotaManager and ChargeSmart help you to personalize the tariff plans, stimulate the application of the quota and surplus policies, and also make real-time accounting of the charging models based on the data on network usage and application performance.


 Allot's professional services use the know-how and experience that we have acquired, working with service providers and corporations around the world. This ensures the success of each deployable solution.

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