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Cubro Network Visibility

  Cubro is an independent provider of tools developed for intelligent network visibility solutions that monitor, manage and deliver end-to-end visibility. Cubro reliably handle network traffic from 2 Mbit to 100 Gbit, including OSI layer 1 to layer 7. Cubro support data center virtualization, security, monitoring, and lawful interception applications.

Mission:  To provide simple, flexible and most reliable network visibility solutions to our customers. We have a passionate team who is committed to building long lasting customer relationships by offering customized cost efficient services.

Vision:  Cubro want to provide highest quality products and services to our customers and maintain the brand value. We want to achieve a profitable growth while focusing on sustainability.


Robust network monitoring tools offer complete network visibility and solutions for aggregation, filtering, slicing, load balancing, deep packet inspection, and more. We focus on performance and productivity. The key to our success is a wealth of innovative and customized features which we offer to our customers as per their requirement.


 Cubro Probes are passive devices which receive network traffic from TAPs and network packet  brokers (NPBs) and extract metadata


Cubro Probes are passive devices which receive network traffic from TAPs and network packet brokers (NPBs) and extract metadata. Cubro Probes can analyse and process network business and signalling in real time. The probe correlates this decoded information and generates XDRs (extended data records) which are sent to a database system where they are stored and presented by an application - what's - typically called a monitoring system. Each Cubro Probe can be customized based on customer requirements.

 Network Packet Brockers

Cubro network packet brokers (NPBs)typically handle traffic between layer 2and layer 7, offer a wide variety of feature sets and can be customized.


 Gain end-to-end visibility up to layer 4 with Cubro’s Packetmasters (network packet brokers). Cubro’s reliable Packetmasters future-proof companies investments in security and monitoring tools. See any packet from anywhere on your network and across the entire enterprise and make networks more efficient with the wide range of Cubro’s network packet brokers.


 Cubro’s Sessionmasters are the next development stage of Cubro’s product line of network packet brokers. The highly advanced Sessionmasters provide visibility up to layer 7 and are capable of decoding protocols. The Sessionmasters include link layer visibility features such as line-rate capable port and time stamping, filtering, packet counters, intelligent aggregation, high availability and high resiliency, and session-aware load balancing.

 Network TAPs

 Cubro TAPs (optical or electrical) are highly reliable and have the best price performance ratio

 A network TAP (Test Access Point), optical or electrical, is the first device to provide network visibility. It is vital that this device is highly reliable. It is a hardware device, which can passively capture traffic on a network. It is commonly used to monitor the network traffic between two points in the network.

 The TAP is normally placed between any two network devices, such as switches, routers, or firewalls to provide network and security personnel with a connection for monitoring devices. TAPs are used for troubleshooting and offer continuous, non- disruptive network access.

 Cubro provides the best quality for an affordable price. Cubro TAPs are resilient even in the event of a hardware failure. They are engineered to allow traffic to continue passing through them even if the TAP itself stops functioning. Cubro TAPs do not introduce delay or alter the content.

Optical and Copper Bypass Switches


 Cubro offers optical and electrical bypass products which provide solutions from 10 Mbit to 100 Gbit

 Cubro Bypass Switches provide a fail-safe access port for an in-line active security appliance such as an intrusion prevention system (IPS), next-generation firewall (NGFW), etc.

 Cubro Bypass Switches are deployed between network devices and in front of security tools, providing a reliable separation point between the network and security layers. They lead to the comprehensive support of network and security tools without the risk of network interruptions. Bypass Switches enable multiple security tools to process traffic from a single network link.

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