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 Exabeam is the undisputed leader among the solutions for behavioral analysis of UEBA users (User and Entity Behavior Analytics).

 The solution makes it possible to detect and stop cyber attacks, which would be invisible to most companies. At the same time, the use of Exabeam improves the efficiency and productivity of IS departments, enabling thousands of alerts to quickly identify high-risk users and dangerous behavior.

 The Exabeam platform comes with an already ready data context, suitable for most customers and corresponding to the most common behavior scenarios. It quickly analyzes your infrastructure and understands exactly how to handle those logs that you already get from various security tools.

 A unique model of session analysis, called Stateful User Tracking, helps detect complex detection stages of complex attacks, such as lateral movement and privilege escalation.

 Do not need any agents, traffic mirroring, scientific projects. The Exabeam solution is the only one in the UEBA class that provides real protection within a few hours after installation.

 This is a UBA class solution that uses existing audit log data to quickly detect advanced complex attacks and helps analysts identify incident priorities and provide a more effective response to them.








Main features and advantages of the solution:

Immediately increases efficiency

• Works on existing data from access logs, automatically configured via API
• No intermediaries and network outlets are needed
• Integration of automatic identification activity

Helps the security service

  •  Activity-based dynamic risk assessment prioritizes key security incidents and dangerous users

  •  Automated chronology of all activity for all sessions speeds up the audit and eliminates time-consuming manual work

  • Quickly detects attacks

  •  Machine learning + data processing and analysis automatically create Stateful User Tracking  for all sessions, accounts, IP addresses and devices

  •  Creates a standard of good and bad behavior, using a holistic picture of identification information

 Exabeam provides an additional analytical layer over existing SIEM systems, analyzing behavior data in ways that are impossible with outdated technologies.

 Stateful User Tracking ™ Unique among the other APP products, Stateful User Tracking ™ from Exabeam, automates most of the work of highly skilled experts on rapid response to threats, combining activity on sessions, devices, IP addresses and identity data. Subsequently, a standard of behavior is created for each user with an assessment of normal and dangerous behavior.










 This system helps Exabeam detect attacks that bypass traditional security systems, and help staff assess and respond to these attack

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