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Guidance Software


 Guidance Software is the world leader in developing software for forensic computer and technical expertise, auditing data in corporate information systems, investigating incidents using information technology, protecting against hacker attacks and eliminating their consequences without stopping the company's activities.


 EnCase software is the leader in software for E-Discovery. EnCase allows you to solve a number of problems inherent in both E-Discovery and perform a number of tasks facing the information security department of any organization. The term Electronic Discovery (E-Discovery) implies any process of searching for electronic data, determining their location and fixing a violation, or automatically moving to the storage set by the security policies. Authorized by appropriate authorities or court hacking to obtain important clues is also a kind of E-Discovery.


 In modern information systems, the tasks of searching, analyzing and classifying information are in demand not only in the preparation for lawsuits or inspections, but also for the primary classification of information in the construction of information security systems, the creation of systems to protect against information leakage and fight insiders, and carrying out a verification of the fulfillment of a number of requirements for certification of the company for compliance with such standards as, for example, PCI DSS, ISO27001, ISO27002.


 Many years of experience of Guidance Software in the field of computer and technical expertise provides users with not only a powerful tool for conducting audit and retrieval of data of any type, but also provides, if necessary, the legal significance of collected evidence in the investigation of incidents.

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