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 Menara Networks develops innovative products and solutions that greatly simplify the structure of optical networks at the level of L0:


  • XFP and SFP + modules with support for OTN and FEC

  • SFP modules of different range

  • 100GE SX10 and LR4 modules

 Menara offers solutions to improve the quality of the transmitted service and reduce the overall cost of the optical network. Menara produces optical modules that are fully compatible with MSA specifications and ITU-T G.709 OTN recommendation.


 These modules allow operators to smoothly and quickly reveal the potential of their platform and get more revenue from their network.

Menara Networks' optical modules allow customers to significantly save on building WDM-systems due to:

  • built-in modules for working at different wavelengths;

  • work with the use of FEC;

  • wide choice of modules;

Compatibility when working with a large number of telecommunications manufacturers.

The set of modules includes SFP, XFP, SFP +, CFP - that is all that is most in demand in the market.

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