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 Mitel is a high-tech Canadian company that produces and delivers telecommunications equipment and solutions for business, government, educational and medical institutions around the world, as well as solutions and services for corporate business communication.

 Mitel offers complete IT and telecommunications solutions based on high-tech equipment and is the assignee of Aastra Telecom Sweden AB (formerly Ericsson Enterprise Communication).

  Mitel is: 

  •  Successor of Aastra Telecom Sweden AB.

  •  The company was founded in 1973 in Canada.

  •  More than 2500 partners worldwide.

  •  Serving 100 countries around the world, with a total of more than 100 offices.

  •  60 million users depend on Mitel solutions every day.

  •  The fastest growing provider of global cloud communications.

  •  Leader in the Gartner Quadrant in Unified Communications.











 1. Telephony with support for any type of connection - analog, IP, SIP.

 2. Applications - unified communications:

      audio-video-video conferences;

      voice mail;

      applications for the computer;

      Applications for mobile devices;

      video conferences;

      solutions for the work of remote employees;

 3. Contact centers.

All Mitel solutions are ready for use in a VMWare virtual environment.

  The unique combination of Aastra / Mitel communication applications, systems and services offered by the company makes it possible to simplify complex communication solutions and use existing technologies of leading manufacturers to get the most out of their existing equipment.

 By implementing Aastra / Mitel communications in the work of the enterprise, we optimize its business, increasing the efficiency of employees and the universality of processes, thereby improving the level of service. Enterprises of different levels rely on the perfect communication solutions, experience and competence of Mitel employees, which allow increasing the efficiency of work, improving the quality of customer service and the competitiveness of the company.

 Cooperation with Mitel has chosen such famous world brands as:

  •  Hyatt

  •  Carlsberg Group

  •  Handelsbanken

  •  Manchester United Football Club

  •  Robinson Legal

  •  Working Links


  •  California State University

  •  Kaftwerk Amsteg AG

  •  OMX Sweden

  •  Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 Mitel rightfully occupies a leading position in the telephony market of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe. Mitel solutions are appreciated by the largest corporations in the world. For reliability Mitel choose the governments of different countries. The flexibility of building a network was evaluated by companies with a branched office structure.

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