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Riverbed Technology


 Riverbed Technology is the leader in developing application performance infrastructure and offers solutions for end-to-end application transparency, optimization and control in hybrid computing environments. Representatives of more than 26,000 companies rely on the Riverbed ™ Application Performance Platform to achieve maximum application performance that maximizes business process performance.


 The world-wide WAN bandwidth optimization solutions offer enterprises the opportunity to solve common IT problems and improve productivity and the quality of existing infrastructures and mission-critical applications, including file sharing, email, backup, Istemi document management, IT tools, ERP-applications and CRM solutions. In particular, the Steelhead devices of the company and the mobility of Riverbed Technology increase the processing speed and network performance by almost 100 times. Riverbed's Cascade solution helps create a network across the enterprise, visibility and analysis of applications that are carried out by both enterprise customers and service providers.


  Thousands of enterprises with distributed operations use Riverbed Technology solutions to accelerate and reduce the cost of IT infrastructure, as well as increase the speed of its response . Suddenly, the impossible will become possible. With Riverbed Technology, the world will be closer.

Riverbed Technology Vision

The company wants to help organizations move to locally independent calculations (Location-Independent Computing), which will enable them to make the best use of global resources, significantly reduce the cost of doing business and optimize employee productivity.

Company strategy

Riverbed Technology offers the most complete platform for locally independent computing, which provides stable application performance, uninterrupted access to necessary data, detection and elimination of performance problems before they are noticed by end users.



 Riverbed’s SteelHead appliances provide the highest level of WAN performance across the broadest range of applications. Available in a wide range of sizes – all powered by the Riverbed Optimisation System (RiOS) – SteelHead appliances are also the most scalable approach to application acceleration across your WAN.

SteelHead appliances come in a range of sizes to ensure that each of your offices has a properly sized acceleration appliance. With this range of sizes, you can simultaneously ensure that the appliance provides room for office growth, yet still ensures that you achieve a quick return on investment.


Riverbed SteelCentral is a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution for network and application visibility to deliver the performance that the business needs, network and application teams need complete visibility into the applications, servers, and users on their network. SteelCentral fulfills this need by collecting traffic data from switches, routers, and other devices, calculating performance metrics, and alerting you to problems before end-users are impacted.

With SteelCentral, you get the visibility you need to address top network priorities like network optimisation and analysis, application performance management, IT consolidation, and security. You can understand company-wide application dependencies, perform end-user experience monitoring in real-time, and get a true picture of outages or infrastructure changes. As a result, you reduce risks, costs, and business impact.

For network optimisation and analysis, you can:

  • Plan for WAN optimisation, assess the impact of your deployment, and quantify benefits

  • Analyse WAN and LAN traffic to any level of depth

  • Measure performance in both optimised and non-optimised environments

For application performance management, you can:

  • Monitor a wide variety of applications in an easy, cost-effective way

  • Minimise the impact and duration of service outages

  • Resolve issues proactively through powerful behavioral analytics

  • Measure application and network performance from the end-user perspective

For IT consolidation, you can:

  • Reduce the costs and risks of data centre and server consolidation

  • Accelerate application discovery and dependency mapping

Riverbed SteelFusion is an edge virtual server infrastructure (Edge-VSI) solution that enables customers who have kept certain high performance applications locally out in branch offices to consolidate them into the data centre whilst retaining the required LAN response for clients.

Over 70% of Riverbed’s own existing customer base have retained some applications locally and with the introduction of SteelFusion the vendor now offers enterprises total consolidation of applications and associated infrastructure into the data centre. This gives customers more control over such applications, easier management, greater security, increased centralised back-up, quicker restore of services in an emergency and substantial cost savings.

SteelFusion is suitable for high performance applications with data storage below 10TB and under 200 clients in situations where access to the application under consideration is restricted to just the clients within an individual branch office.

Customers who have an application that is accessed by clients from more than one remote branch office require the SteelHead solution.

Riverbed SteelFusion runs on the EX platform alongside Riverbed SteelHead’s or WAN optimisation solutions from competing vendors such as Cisco, Blue Coat and Citrix.

SteelFusion delivers first-of-its-kind block storage acceleration that enables global storage consolidation from branch to the data centre while delivering LAN performance at the edge over the WAN. SteelFusion extends a data centre deployed iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) to branch offices – as a local drive – enabling users and applications to leverage centrally managed storage.


Riverbed Technology is a recognized leader in its field, as evidenced by repeated leadership in the Gartner square and numerous awards that the company has received over the years.

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