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 Ucopia Communications

 UCOPIA is a worldwide leader in Wi-Fi Guest Access Management and Wi-Fi Marketing, empowering organizations to monetize their Wi-Fi infrastructure. The company safely and securely connects visitors, guests, customers and audiences to any Wi-Fi network and enables businesses, stadiums and cities to communicate with their users.


 A Ucopia Solution placed at the heart of the WiFi network gives administrators a window to their network. Not only does the ease of management and visibility improve, but so does the security for both the user and the enterprise. Setup and administration stays simple even while handling up to 50000 concurrent users on large scale projects and fully customized login pages allow users to be immersed in the brand the moment they log in.

Turn your Wi-Fi up with Ucopia

UCOPIA empowers organisations to monetise their Wi-Fi infrastructure with communicating and connecting audiences safely and securely to any Wi-Fi networks.


Experts in Security

UCOPIA’s solutions enhance the guest experience and provide management controls all without disrupting existing infrastructure and processes.

With UCOPIA, organisations delivering network connectivity, can operate the service at minimal cost also can generate extra revenues while complying to legal obligations.

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