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 Focused on innovation and customer-centricity, Zyxel Communications Corp. has been connecting people to the internet for nearly 30 years. Zyxel keep promoting creativity which meets the needs of customers. This spirit has never been changed since Zyxel developed the world's first integrated 3-in-1 data/fax/voice modem in 1992. Zyxel's ability to adapt and innovate with networking technology places Zyxel at the forefront of understanding connectivity for telco/service providers, businesses and home users.

 Zyxel is building the networks of tomorrow, helping unlock the world's potential and meeting the needs of the modern workplace; powering people at work, life and play. Zyxel stand side-by-side with customers and partners to share new approaches to networking that will unleash their abilities. Loyal friend, powerful ally, reliable resource — it is Zyxel, Your Networking Ally.

 Through nearly 30 years of networking expertise, Zyxel find the world's potential is trapped behind slow, insecure or even non-existent network access. Therefore, Zyxel puts effort on solving problems and helping release the untapped potential, by providing complete product portfolios and end-to-end solutions, instead of technology itself.

 For Telco/SP:

 Zyxel solutions are fully customizable, interoperable and designed to work from end to end. Whether you're looking for xDSL, FTTx or mobile access solutions, we have the expertise to build” out of the box” solutions that can be deployed quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively.

 For Business:

  Zyxel offer commercial networking solutions designed specifically with your applications in mind whether you are small and medium businesses or at HospitalityEducation industries. Zyxel's technology expertise ranges from switchingwireless and security. Whatever you need, Zyxel have the ability to help your business work smarter, faster and in more places with total peace of mind.

 For Home:

 Zyxel understand how best to connect your home, so you can get the best from life. Whether it's sharing music around the house, streaming movies on the sofa or gaming with friends on the other side of the world, Zyxel have a huge range of secure plug and play solutions that will inspire you to live a fully connected life.

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